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Remote Viewing


"Remote Viewing: the practice of seeking visual impressions about a distant or unseen targets using subjective means, in particular, extrasensory perception."

Ryan Collins' fourth poetry chapbook attempts to employ and engage with various modes of perception & vision. Here we are invited to see how far our vision can stretch, and to speak to whatever might be looking back from the vanishing point.

Poetry chapbook
24 pages, saddle stapled
Limited Edition of 150
Published in 2014 by DUSIE & Rock Town Press

Ryan Collins is the author of four chapbooks, most recently Remote Viewing (DUSIE/Rock Town Press, 2014) and Dear Twin Falls (H_NGM_N, 2013). Recent poems have appeared in Ampersand Review, Asymptote, Big Bell, H_NGM_N, Pretty LIT, VERSE Online, and other places. He is an English Instructor at St. Ambrose University and the Executive Director of the Midwest Writing Center, both in Davenport, Iowa. He also curates the SPECTRA Poetry Reading Series in Rock Island, Ill., where he lives.